Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates: Pragya-Purab Joins Hand to Bring Abhi’s Memory Back

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates: Pragya-Purab Joins Hand to Bring Abhi’s Memory Back on TellySerialUpdates.Wordpress.com

The Most Popular TV show of ZEE Channel is Kumkum Bhagya will bring a twisting story ahead. Yes, the story will take a turn towards Abhi only. There will be high voltage drama witnesses amid Pragya aka Sriti Jha, Purab aka Arijit Taneja, and Abhi aka Shabbir Ahluwalia. Actually, Pragya and Purab will join their hands to revive Abhi’s memory back on the platform.

But here Aliya will be getting irked when she will see Abhi and Pragya’s closeness increasing day by day, which is not good for her plans. So that she will make a plan to separate Abhi and Pragya again. She will make a blaster plan against Pragya through which she will blast Pragya out from the Abhi’s life.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates: Abhi Gets Attracted Towards Pragya

On the other hand, Purab aka Arijit Taneja will come to know about the Pragya that she is working in Abhi’s recording company just to stay close to Abhi all the time. He will come to Pragya’s pain. So that he will decide to help Pragya in achieving her target. Yes, he will help Pragya in bringing Abhi’s memory back.

But Purab will get more happy when he will come to know that Abhi will get affect to see Pragya in front of him. Then it’s very easy to bring his memory back. Infact, Purab will also force Pragya to spend more and more time with Abhi because due to this, she will easily recollect Abhi’s past memory. So that she will get more happiness in her life.

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However, Aliya will try hard to separate Abhi from Pragya. So that, she will keep Abhi’s busy in introducing her friends to him. But Abhi will get attracted towards Pragya and he only wants to see Pragya all the time. So that he will not take more interest in meeting with Aliya’s friends.


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