List of Indian Hindi TV Serial Child Actresses Who Are Ruling Television

List of Indian Hindi TV Serial Child Actresses Who Are Ruling Television on TellySerialUpdates.Wordpress.Com

Here we are going to reveal some Hindi TV Serial Actress names who are children by their age but started to work in their small age. There are so many cute girl children who are ruling over an Indian Television. Yes, it’s too good to starts work in our small age because when we will grow up, we will get so many advantages of it like we have an authority, popularity, and links in the Industry. Through which we will easily get work in an Indian Television. Apart from this, some of these children actresses are attending their schools too during their acting work.

List of Indian Hindi TV Serial Child Actresses 2016:

Ruhanika Dhawan as Ruhi and Pihu: 

latest Hindi TV Serial Actress 2016

She is one of the most talented and cute child Actress who is working with so many Bollywood Actors and continuously she became a part of the most famous television show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.’ She is portraying a character of ‘Pihu’ in the show. Earlier, before some months, she played a role of Ruhi in the show. Recently, she switched to a new character according to the story.

Saloni Daini as Sue Heck

Saloni Daini

As we see, an Indian television is all set to achieve the international series which is named as ‘The Middle.’ This show is completely revolving around the daily mishaps which may happen with the married woman and her family. So that most famous child actress Saloni Daini is also popular as Gangubai. She is playing a role of the desi Sue Heck. She is only 12 years old girl who admits to being a part of the international show and she is so much excited to be a part of this desi adaptation show.

Ruhana Khanna as Ganga –

latest Hindi TV Serial Actress 2016

Ruhana Khanna is such a cute actress who is playing a role of Ganga in the most famous Television series of an Indian Channel And TV (&tv). She is also involved in modeling activities. Apart from this, she is also becoming  a part of shorts films of an Indian Television such as  ‘Saavdhan India’ titled crime show on Indian Television. Parsi Khanna is her mother and she says that ‘Ruhana loves to wear a sari, she also plays football and even indulges in skipping.’

Gracy Goswami as Nimboli/Nandini –

latest Hindi TV Serial Actress 2016

Grancy belongs to Baroda and she was finalized to play Anandi’s daughter role in the popular colors channel show Balika Vadhu. The 11-year old girl who shifted from Gujarat to Mumbai after this selection. She is now seen as a child bride in the most famous serial Balika Vadhu. She is playing a role of child bride of Nandu and her character name is Nimboli.

Spandan Chaturvedi as Chakor-

latest Hindi TV Serial Actress 2016

Spandan is such a cute and talented girl. She plays the adorable and dedicated young girl character which is named as Chakor on an India television Colors channel popular show Udaan. She played a role of bonded labourers in Indian villages. Before this show, she already a part of old series that us Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. Apart from this, She also appeared on shows such as named as Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera.


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