KRPKAB Upcoming News: Dev Threatens Ishwari for Sonakshi

KRPKAB Upcoming News: Dev Threatens Ishwari for Sonakshi on

Nikki is calling bhabhi & said I am starving, ask her to bring food fast, Ishwari said please wait she is bringing hot chapattis for Dadi bua ji. Sonakshi serves the hot roti to Dadi bua ji. Mamaji takes Dadi bua permission to start eating, everyone start eating food Riya said food is so tasty, mama ji also said food is too tasty & give 1001 rupees as sagun, Sonakshi take the ashirwad from mama ji & then dada Ji. Dadi Ji said Sonakshi, apart from meat & fish you make good vegetarian food.
Dadji asked Sonakshi that when have you fried the kadhi before or after. Sonakshi & ishwari look each other. Radha rani interrupt & said please answer what Dadi bua is asking. Sonakshi remembered when Ishwari was making Kadhi, she replied before. Again Dadi ji asked in dal was fired before or after, she replied after. Ishwari asked Sonakshi to serve kheer & said to Dadi bua that you have not asked her but still she had made kheer for you.
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KPRKAB Upcoming News: Dev Threatens Ishwari for Sonakshi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Upcoming News 2016

On another side, Saurabh is shouting on his partner that without informing, why have to withdraw money from the account. It’s my sister wedding & I have to make the payment.
Sonakshi crying & entered the room, ask to herself that what have you got in life without struggling. Looking in the mirror she promises to herself that she will fight for dev love, maa, baba & will win this situation.
Ishwari was doing foot massage of Dadi ji, Sonakshi entered the room & said let me also do. Dadi ji replied I am not heartless that I will ask my newly wedded daughter in law for press foot. Dadiji said to Ishwari that your daughter in law is good from heart & today’s food was nice, I have eaten extra chapattis. Dadi
Dadi ji said I know Ishwari that you have cooked the food, I remember the taste of your hand. Dadi ji asked Sonakshi to wake up early morning for Tulsi puja. Ishwari said to Dadi ji that, it’s not possible for her to do Tulsi puja as she has to go to work, in this dada ji replied, it’s the daughter in law duties to do puja & work both together. Sonakshi replied that she will be ready by 5 am.
Sonakshi entered the room & switch on the light & saw Dev was waiting for her. She asked Dev
when you have come. Dev said sorry to Sonakshi for his behavior. He said I know your family from a long time, for them self-respect is everything, & they will never accept the car. Sonakshi also said sorry to Dev for her behavior.

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