Naagin 2: Shivangi Finds out Shivanya’s Naagin Truth, Shivanya Worried

Naagin 2 written updates: Shivangi Finds out Shivanya’s Naagin Truth, Shivanya Worried on

The Colors Channel Naagin 2 aired on Saturday and Sunday only at 8-9 pm. All the viewers are desperately waiting for the show. Full week, all people are getting so much excited to watch out Nagin season 2 in which Mouni Roy is playing a double role in the show such as for Shivanya and Shivangi’s character.

Shivangi is Shivanya’s daughter and she is looking alike a Shivanya. But Ritik, who is Shivanya’s husband is no more. He was playing a fabulous character in last season or Naagin season 1 in which the intense love story of Ritik and Shivanya was shown on the screen. Viewers liked that very much.

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Naagin 2: Shivangi Finds out Shivanya's Naagin Truth, Shivanya Worried

Naagin 2 Upcoming Story written update: Shivangi Finds out Shivanya’s Naagin Identity

But Shivanya’s sister Shesha was also trying to come in between then. She was taking Shivanya’s avatar sometimes just to go close to Ritik. In last, she have decided to snatch Ritik from Shivanya. But Ritik only loved, so that he got married to her. After that, Shivanya got pregnant and she gave a birth to a girl child.

In this season, Shivanya’s daughter has grown up and she is just 24.11 years old. There is only one month left for Shivangi for becominf 25 years old girl. Gurudev says to Shivanya’s to do Shivangi’s marriage before she turned 25 just to save her from the naagin community otherwise she will become naagin after 25 years age and nobody will save her.

So that Shivanya decides to do Shivangi’s marriage. But in this marriage, Shivangi comes to know about Shivanya’s truth that she is a naagin in real. Let see how Shivangi will react when she will come to know about Shivanya’s real identity. Stay tuned with us.


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