KRPKAB: Ishwari Disrespect Sonakshi’s Efforts for Neha-Ranveer

KRPKAB: Ishwari Disrespect Sonakshi’s Efforts for Neha-Ranveer on

The Sony TV Serial Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update will bring out a big news for the viewers of this show. The upcoming show of KRPKAB will show a high voltage drama amid Ishwari and Sonakshi. As we watched out Sonakshi is trying hard to solve Neha and Ranveer’s matter.Sonakshi tries her best to bring Neha and Ranveer together forever. All people are getting so upset because of Neha Divorce case. Ishwari gets upset to see bad behavior of Neha towards the family members because she is irritated because of Ranveer.

Sonakshi calls dev, dev smiling picks up the call & ask are you missing me, Sonakshi teasing him & replied actually I need to repair my mixer, so could you please come & look into it. Dev smilingly replied I don’t know how to repair mixer & both start laughing& said I was kidding Dev said same do I. Then, Sonakshi said I have called you for Vicky joy, everyone is talking about his job, Dev replied I know everyone is so happy for his job & said her that mama ji has done a lot for our family. while they were talking Vicky knock the room. Dev asked him to come in & said Sonakshi that will speak you later & disconnect the call. Vicky smilingly asked talking to Bhabi.
KRPKAB: Ishwari Disrespect Sonakshi's Efforts for Neha-Ranveer

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Written Update: Ishwari Defame Sonakshi 

Suddenly someone knocks the gate, Dev welcome Nilesh ji & introduce Vicky to Nilesh ji who is a branch manager. Nilesh asked Dev, in which position you want to fix the Vicky. To this Dev replied I what him to learn about the company from starch. Dev also said he should learn like a trainee & achieve the position in an organization like Riya. To this Nilesh replied Sir, you have taken the right decision. Dev said this is my wife suggestion. hearing this Vicky get shocked.
At home, Sonakshi saw Mama ji reading the newspaper. So she asks him for halwa, mama ji denied eating. To this Sonakshi said please eat before anyone look for it. Then mama ji ask her to bring & said otherwise Radha rani will eat. Mama ji with the sad smile on his face asks Sonakshi about Neha. Sonakshi replied she needs some time & later on she herself will come & talk. Hearing this from stairs Ishwari comes & ask Sonakshi to go & rest as she has to talk to her brother in private. Sonakshi leaves the place.
Ishwari said to him not to talk about Neha in front of Sonakshi as her understanding is different. We should not involve her in our personal matters because we don’t know her. She might disclose our family issue in front of her parents or other persons. Mama ji disagrees with her word & said, now she is our daughter in law & she also worried about Neha.

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