Ishqbaaz Written Updates: Rudra Marry Bhavya, Manav Does Kanyadaan

Ishqbaaz Written Updates: Rudra Marry Bhavya, Manav Does Kanyadaan on

The Ishqbaaz serial is passing through the good time when Shivaay and Anika are getting married to each other for a while Rudra is missing Bhavya very badly. But he is not showing anything to anyone else. Omkara aka Kunal Jai Singh is trying to give an emotional support to Rudra but Rudra is not showing his pain to anyone else. Later Rudra decides to meet Bhavya once.

Later Rudra aka Leenesh Mattoo will be going to meet Bhavya but he will be getting shattered to see that Bhavya is marrying Manav and the commissioner sir is doing her kanyadaan. Rudra will be getting angry too. He stops that marriage and asks Bhavya that what happened? What is going on? But somewhere Bhavya is any to see the immature behavior of Rudra.

Ishqbaaz Written Updates: Rudra Marry Bhavya, Manav Does Kanyadaan

In the past timings, Bhavya’s heart was getting a breakdown and then she set up her mind to marry Manav, not Rudra. But in the current episode, Manav comes to know that Bhavya loves Rudra also but she is not ready to accept his immaturity. Manav decides to unite Bhavya and Rudra forever. But let see whether Manav will make Bhavya ready to marry Rudra or not?

Will Manav make Bhavya ready to accept Rudra and his maturities? Will Bhavya get ready to accept Rudra as her life partner or a husband too? Rudra marries Bhavya in the upcoming episode of the Ishqbaaz Serial. It would be getting interesting to watch out how will it happen? Even though we will be going to witness Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage on the big screen of Indian Television. Just stay in touch with us because we will update here as soon as possible. This show will be getting interesting and hence we will enjoy a lot.


Ishqbaaz 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz written update 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on
The serial starts with the scene in which Anika aka Surbhi Chandna says to Shivaay that I am going soon now and I will come back soon. Shivaay says that I know very well that you are getting die to marry me. Anika replies that I already die in love and that’s why I am dying to marry you because I just want to become of someone whom I belong to.
Here Rudra is reaching to some marriage venue and then stops the marriage by saying that you don’t want to marry anyone else because I don’t have any problem with your age. So please break this marriage now and don’t do this marriage now. Groom is getting angry and asks Rudra that how is he? Rudra says him to keep quite.

Ishqbaaz 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

But when Rudra opens her face when he finds out like she is not Bhavya. He is getting shocked and then goes out from the marriage hall. He is coming to the Railway station and then stops Bhavya from going anywhere. She says that I have to go for my next assignment. Rudra says her not to go anywhere because he is coming here to take her to Mumbai.

Ishqbaaz 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

Here Anika and Gauri are reaching to the village along with gifts just to attend a marriage. This is Dadi’s village whereas they are coming to attend a special wedding. They are feeling little awkward there because all ladies are treating them like villager ladies like to cover their head and sit silently. Here Shivaay and Omkara are talking to each other about their wives. Omkara says that Anika changed you completely. Shivaay says that exactly, Gauri has changed you completely.

Ishqbaaz 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz written update 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which all Oberoi couples are playing a love test along with Dadi. Shakti and Pinky are coming in front of all people. Then Shakti collects one chit and reads out like he has to give the flower to Pinky from their own garden. Shakti goes out and brings a cactus for her by saying that your nature is completely matched with this one. Pinky is getting angry and then goes away from there.

Now Dadi tells to Omkara to play the game. Omkara says that how could I play this game because Gauri is not here. Suddenly, Gauri is coming there and ready tp play the game. Gauri reads the challenge note and then get blindfold just to complete the challenge. She is just trying to find out the partner as per her challenge. A song plays on behind the scene and that is, “Guzre Na Kabhi.” Gauri is trying to find out Omkara and he is standing away from her just to see her.

Ishqbaaz 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

Now it’s Shivaay and Anika’s turn. They both are coming in front of each other. Shivaay collects one chit and then reads it out.He asks Anika to read out the same now. Anika says no I will collect any other chit. Dadi says that no, you guys will implement only one chit message. They have to give a gift to each other from the house and they will not go outside to bring any gift.

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Ishqbaaz 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

Anika says to Shivaay that I am your gift and I think this is one of the biggest gifts for you. Shivaay hugs her. Dadi and all other people are getting mesmerized to see this. Now it’s Shivaay’s turn to give some gift to her. Shivaay gives Sahil’s Custody papers to Anika and says that nobody will snatch Sahil from you in this life. Anika is getting so much happy and emotional too. Rudra is clicking so many pictures of Shivaay and all other family members.


Ishqbaaz Written Update Oberoi Brothers Wins Love Test

Ishqbaaz Written Update: Oberoi Brothers Wins Love Test on

Star Plus Serial Ishqbaaz is showing interesting tracks nowadays. In current episodes, all Oberoi family members are preparing hard for Shivaay aka Nakul Mehta and Anika aka Surbhi Chandna’s wedding. In between all these preparations, Shivaay is trying to make Anika happy and for that, he asked his Dadi to help him in making some plan.

He made his Dadi a cupid and they plan a love test to strengthen the bonding between his brothers Omkara and Rudra along with their respective partners. As Shivaaya already accepted Anika as the love of his life now he wants his brothers Omkara and Rudra to move forward with their life partners Gauri and Bhavya. That is why he made a plan with Dadi to reunite them.

Ishqbaaz Written Update News 2017: Shivaay-Anika Wins Dadi’s Love Test:

Dadi organizes the function according to the plan and announced the love test in which all the Oberoi brothers have to take part and test their bond in love test. All of them got different tasks which they have to complete. All of them completed the tasks given to them to prove their love for their life partners. Now it’s interesting to see if they will win their partner’s heart too.

Ishqbaaz Upcoming News: Omkara Confess Love to Gauri Finally

Ishqbaaz Upcoming News: Omkara Confess Love to Gauri Finally at TellySerialUpdates.Wordpress.Com

The Starplus most trending show which is getting popular by the name Ishqbaaz. In this show, Surbhi Chandna, Nakuul Mehta, and many more characters which are making this show famous day by day. Their love chemistry and love emotions make everything alright and fine too. There are a lot of viewers which are getting so much curious to watch out the upcoming episodes, stories, and updates of the Ishqbaaz Serial.

From the last so much time, Anika aka Surbhi Chandna and Shivaay aka Nakuul Mehta are not giving any romantic scene because a rift is going amid them. Actually, the Shivaay’s mother Pinky doesn’t like Anika as her daughter-in-law and that’s why she told her to leave home by creating a mess in Shivaay’s life. So that he will never want to bring her back. Just read out the complete information. For more information Read out Ishqbaaz Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Upcoming Story 2017: Omkara and Gauri Love Confession

Ishqbaaz Upcoming News: Omkara Confess Love to Gauri Finally

As we know, Omkara brought Gauri at his home just to implement his plan. But now the Gauri is making her special place in everybody’s heart in Oberoi Mansion. She is getting so much happy to get everybody’s love in Omkara’s house which makes her life full of love and care. But She is not happy from Omkara’s side. So that, she is getting so much upset day by day. We just keep ready to watch out the complete show every day from Monday to Friday. We have to provide you all the updates every day about the Ishqbaaz Written episode update. Just stay tuned with us for more updates of the Ishqbaaz Starplus serial updates. Just read out all the written episode updates, serial upcoming news, spoilers, and all other updates of the Ishqbaaz Serial.

Ishqbaaz Written Update: Tia Come Back in Shivay-Anika’s Life Post Marriage

Ishqbaaz Written Update: Tia Come Back in Shivay-Anika’s Life Post Marriage on

The Star Plus most trendy show of this time is Ishqbaaz. Everybody wants to read out the Ishqbaaz Written Updates which we are describing here. There will be a high voltage drama happen amid Shivay and Anika. Apart from this, a sudden re-entry of Tia in Shivay’s life brings a disaster post marriage.

This time, Anika has married Shivaay with no mood. Actually, Shivaay forced her to do a marriage to him. So that Anika took a step to marry him. But now the situations are getting worst. All the Oberoi’s family members are getting shocked to see Anika at Tia’s place.

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Now it’s a big confusion that Shivaay will introduce Anika as his wife or Tia in the reception function where all press and media people will come there. Actually, Tia and her mother were doing a drama of Tia’s kidnapping. Shivaay also knew the same like Tia was kidnapped during a marriage.

Ishqbaaz Written Update:

Ishqbaaz Written Update: Shivaay Reception Function:

There will be big drama happen amid Shivaay and Tia. Anika will be getting heart broken after to see that Shivaay will give more importance or preference to Tia instead of her. Even he knew very well that Tia was running away from the mandap on marriage day.

Let see who will be sitting with Shivaay in the reception function. But when Shivaay will say to media that he is going to introduce his wife. So that Anika will come there in a green saree and makes everyone happy. Rudra, Om, Dadi and all other people will be looking happy except Shivaay’s mother.