Zindagi Ki Mahek Upcoming Story Twist Update

One of the most interesting shows of the Zee TV Indian Television Channel which is named as Zindagi Ki Mahek written updates which was created by the Saurabh Tiwari and hence written by the Saurabh Tewari, Damini Shetty, Srinita Bhowmik, Vibha Tewari, and Ishan Bajpai. As far as concern, this show is directed by the Ariappa Appaya, Faheim Inamdar, and Pushpender Singh. Zindagi ki Mahek is a daily soap opera show which is based on emotions, love, romance, relations, fights, companions, understanding, skills, homemaker, and all.

Zindagi Ki Mahek shows formats a story of an ordinary girl whose name is Mahek Sharma. She is a homemaker and her passion is cooking. She has learned all cooking recipes from her mother Meera Sharma and then decides to participate in the cooking competition where she gives her best with full dedication. Even she passes through a lot of hurdles, troubles, and issues but at last, she wins the competition and wins a title too.

But the main twist which may come during the competition is Shaurya Khanna who is an organizer of this cooking competition. He comes closer to Mahek but their fights, controversies, and anger hide their love feeling for each other because they are doing controversy with each other all the time. Later Mahek realizes her feelings for Shaurya and then she marries him but Shaurya runs away from the marriage.written-update-1486132431

Without to think about society, Mahek goes to Shaurya’s home and starts to live with him. Shaurya starts to torture her all time in front of all people. But Shaurya’s mother likes Mahek a lot. To live in the same room, both are having emotional feelings for each other. But Shaurya shows her stone hearted image to Mahek. Due to which Mahek gets confident that Shaurya won’t confess his feelings to her.

Mahek leaves the home and then she starts her another food truck too. Shaurya starts to support her. But Mahek’s family members do not like Shaurya. They start to separate Shaurya and Mahek for always. Mahek’s family plans another marriage for Mahek. After to hear this news, Shaurya decides to confess his feelings to Mahek. Finally, he confesses his feelings and kisses Mahek in front of all people. Let see whether they will become one or not? Will Mahek’s family accept Shaurya again or not? Will Mahek accept Shaurya’s love. Zindagi Ki Mahek show will be getting interesting day by day. Story would be getting full of love and romance further.

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